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Hexagonal Canvas Art Print

Limited Edition Hexagonal canvas art print - Leopard On a Ledge
  • Leopard On a Ledge Alternative View Thumb
  • Leopard On a Ledge Alternative View Thumb
  • Hexagonal Canvas Clips Holding Three Canvases Together

Limited Edition Hexagonal Canvas Art Print Set
Leopard On a Ledge

Looking for some new style for your home decor? The original artwork Leopard On a Ledge is available as a limited edition hexagonal canvas art print. Signed and numbered by the artist Barrett Dvorsky, each series run is limited to a quantity of 100 prints per painting.

Each high quality hexagonal canvas print features a .75" thick canvas with wrapped edges. Easy to assemble, the hexagonal canvas sets come with plastic clips to hold the set of three together.

Release Date: July 9, 2019 Price: $135.00 + shipping/handling ($5.50) In stock ( 100 )

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