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Hexagonal Canvas Art Print

Limited Edition Hexagonal canvas art print - Tie Died Fox
  • Tie Died Fox Alternative View Thumb
  • Tie Died Fox Alternative View Thumb
  • Hexagonal Canvas Clips Holding Three Canvases Together

Limited Edition Hexagonal Canvas Art Print Set
Tie Died Fox

Looking for some new style for your home decor? The original artwork Tie Died Fox is available as a limited edition hexagonal canvas art print. Signed and numbered by the artist Barrett Dvorsky, each series run is limited to a quantity of 100 prints per painting.

Each high quality hexagonal canvas print features a .75" thick canvas with wrapped edges. Easy to assemble, the hexagonal canvas sets come with plastic clips to hold the set of three together.

Release Date: July 9, 2019 Price: $135.00 + shipping/handling ($5.50) In stock ( 100 )

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